Friday, July 10, 2009

Savage 10-FCP Review

As promised here is the savage 10-FCP review.

I bought this rifle for three reasons. 1) Savage has made a name for itself from the out-of-the-box accuracy that their rifles have. 2)The AccuTrigger and now the AccuStock. I had seen the AccuTrigger before and liked what I had seen. I was eager to try the new AccuStock as it seemed like a good bedding system for the action. 3) It had gotten good reviews out of the box and I found one for about $750. This was a good deal for a good long range rifle, I thought.

Description: This rifle has a good deal of "big gun look" to it. It is under Savage's law enforcement section, so it's built with purpose in mind. It has a 26" fluted barrel on it with a muzzle brake. It's chambered in .308 Win, and has a synthetic stock on it. The old Savage stocks seemed to be flimsy, where this one is very stout due to the aluminum inlay of the Accustock. The butt end of the rifle still seems like it could use a thicker plastic to stiffen it up, however.

Being a LE model, everything on it is black, even the bolt. The bolt even has the Savage name and logo on it in bronze color. I thought this was a very neat feature. The other nice feature is the double swivel studs on the beaver tail fore end.

This rifle weighs in at just under 9 lbs (I think the spec is 8.9lbs) without anything on it. Add a good sized scope and a bipod and it may well reach 11 or 12 lbs. Personally I like my target rifles heavy, and I may look into adding weight and recoil reduction in the butt end of the stock.

As for accuracy This gun may always shoot better than I do. Here is a target from when I was sighting it in at 100 yrds. The top and right group is from some low-end 180 grain Federal. The other group is from some Federal Gold Medal Match 168 boat tail hollow points. (168 bthp is probably what I'll reload for this.) Each group is three shots. The group with the 168 grain bullets measured at under .5". I shoot this in prone on a bipod.

I must say I'm very impressed with this rifle, especially for being out-of-the-box. So don't get me wrong when I say there are two things I would fix with this rifle. 1) The previously mentioned butt end of the stock. It seems like it'd do the job, but I'd like a lot more rigidity to it. I do not, however, feel as though it might break on me, but I wouldn't want to try to fend off a bear with the back of this rifle. 2) The bolt is not as smooth as I'd like it to be. This could be just my rifle and it is not as though I'm worrying about the safety of it. When the bolt locks, it is solid. I'd just like it to work smoothly when I pull it back and put a new cartridge in it. In the big picture these two issues are minor and I could probably go my whole life without fixing them. (The problems probably won't last the summer, but I digress)

Overall I would recommend this rifle to anyone who asks about a long range rifle, not just those who want one on a budget or out-of-the-box.

-Steven Kipp


  1. Thanks for the great info...just bought 10-FCP and am looking forward to shooting.

  2. Mine shoots under 2 inches at 500 yards with carefully loaded handloads.

  3. Just purchased one from Tillman's in Lincolnton, NC. As you stated, the bolt is not smooth on mine either (needs to be better); had to contact Savage about picatinny rail and screws missing when new out of the box. All things considered can't wait to shoot it.

  4. Magazine is a hunk of crap. Why didn't Savage stick with exisiting good stuff (M14/M1A or the like). First round sits too high in mag, when loading second round the head of the second round hits the shoulder of the first round and tries to shoot the first round out the back of the mag. Not happy about that.

  5. Have one set up for long rang and it ran 1260.

  6. Added a Leupold 45 x 45 Competition scope and after a barrel break-in it shoots the center of the target at 100 meters each time I squeeze the trigger (factory ammo too)...can't wait to work up a custom load. Still don't like the magazine; wish it was a top loader.

  7. The gun you are reveiwing is the 10 FCP-K...I bought one this Jan with my tax return and payed under $900 after all the fees and taxes. I put a new Nikon Monarch 5-20x42 scope on it and went to town...the 1:10" barell seems to like the 168gr bullets better than any others ive tried. Ive had several "bag guns" and this one takes the cake! I can cover a 5 hole group at 300 yards with a quarter! I def recommend this rifle to a target shooter on a budget!

  8. I was looking at a Remington 700 P recently and had the salesman at the store (who is a long range shooter) recommend this rifle. I hadn't even considered Savage at this point (veteran who had a bit of experience with Remington). After feeling the action and the trigger I changed my mind. I haven't put any rounds down range with this rifle yet but as soon as I've mounted a 6X24 scope I bought beforehand I think I'll be as impressed as you have been. I've never felt a trigger as scrip as this one on an out of the box rifle. The trigger literally surprised me.